Each session includes a 15-minute live Q&A with the presenter.


Risk Rundown: Top Risks Facing Nonprofits

With Melanie Lockwood Herman, Executive Director, Nonprofit Risk Management Center

Risk Connect begins with a fast-paced overview of pressing, but possibly less familiar risks. From cultural blinders to competition, learn what’s at stake, and what risk leaders can and should do to better understand, face and conquer the top risks facing nonprofits in 2018.



Insurance Market Outlook: What Can You Expect?

With Scott Konrad, Senior Vice President & Not-For-Profit Practice Leader, HUB International Northeast

Join veteran broker Scott Konrad for a high-level perspective of what’s happening and what we can expect this year in the world of commercial insurance. Scott will discuss market dynamics, carrier competition, rate changes, product developments, and more. As leader of a Top 10 global broker’s vertically-integrated Nonprofit Practice, Scott is in the thick of the action working with both market leaders and nonprofit leaders every day. 



#HereToo: Workplace Harassment is Real

With Melanie Lockwood Herman, Executive Director, Nonprofit Risk Management Center

If you’re not worried about the risk of harassment in your workplace, you’re either stranded on a desert island or you’ve adopted the dangerous “it can’t happen here” point of view. Did you know that sexual harassment training doesn’t work? According to the EEOC, training has generally failed as tool for preventing workplace harassment because it is “too focused on simply avoiding legal liability.” This session explores how to prevent, detect and stop workplace harassment. 



Trends in Data Privacy Standards, Cyber/Privacy Coverage, & Social Engineering Scams

With Donna McPartland, Counsel, Arent Fox and Timothy Zeilman, Hartford Steam Boiler

Enjoy a whirlwind tour of the newest, neatest trends in the data privacy realm. Learn the latest expertise and apply it at your nonprofit after this practical session. During each topic, speakers will quickly explore: What is it? Why care? What to do about it? And, Where to learn more?

Speakers will share timely insights to:

  • the top-notch data security standards and frameworks that your team can apply or learn from
  • recent and looming changes to cyber/privacy liability insurance
  • the newest cyber threats thrashing nonprofits, including targeted social engineering scams and internal vulnerabilities.

Bring your pressing data privacy questions to the fast-paced Q&A after the session.



Preparing to Conduct a Data Breach Investigation & Reputation Restoration 

With Donna McPartland, Counsel, Arent Fox

Don’t simply scramble to survive your next data breach. Prepare in advance to safeguard your nonprofit’s reputation and relationships with key stakeholders, which could be severely damaged in the wake of a breach. Attend this session for a fast-paced review of:

  • Data breach notification laws that your nonprofit might need to respond to
  • How to collaborate with outside counsel and other partners during a data breach investigation
  • What you should be ready to handle in-house in response to a data breach
  • Practical approaches for managing reputational damage in the wake of a breach
  • Resources for data breach investigation (e.g., What might my nonprofit’s cyber/privacy liability insurance offer? Where can I find data breach notification laws that apply to my organization? etc.)

Throughout the session, speakers will share lessons learned from real data breach incidents and investigations.



The Legal Landscape: Mapping the Risks for Nonprofits

With Kellie L. Newton, Esq., Partner, Whiteford, Taylor & Preston LLP

Every nonprofit faces risks that might lead to legal claims and potential liability. Join a partner in a large nonprofit legal practice for a tour of top legal risks facing nonprofits. Featuring Kellie L. Newton, Esq., Whiteford, Taylor & Preston LLP.


Nonprofit Fraud: Some Things Never Go Out of Style!

With Audrey Newton, Partner, Johnson Lambert LLP

In the midst of the more ͞glamorous͟ cybersecurity data breaches occurring almost every day and consuming all of our attention, we often take our eyes off the fraud risk fundamentals and get caught off guard every time! Basic fraud schemes are alive and well and here to stay. It’s critical we remind ourselves of the core fundamentals that will help protect our nonprofits’assets and reputations.

Attend this session to learn:

  • Fraud risks and trends, featuring ͞oldies but goodies͟
  • Why fraud continues to occur on such a fundamental level
  • Specific actions you can take to ensure your fraud risks are mitigated

Bring your pressing fraud and related risk questions to the fast-paced Q&A after the session. 

 Things that go BUMP in the Night (and Day): Lessons Learned from Workplace Safety Near Misses, Bumps & Bruises 

With Michael Gurtler, Managing General Partner & Senior Consultant, Safe-Wise Consulting

Join Mike Gurtler, a workplace safety thought-leader, for a fast-paced tour of good practices and some fortunate luck. The session will explore the band-aids to first-aid; the classroom to emergency room, and other incidents of workplace fails and wins. Gain practical insight from the real experiences of others in the nonprofit world. Learn how to cultivate a culture of safety at your nonprofit. Nonprofit staff members are valuable assets; how do we protect them from injuries and themselves?


Introduction to Root Cause Analysis

With Donna Lamb, Executive Director for the Review Committees of General Surgery, Thoracic Surgery, and Plastic Surgery; Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME)

This workshop provides a broad overview of Root Cause Analysis (RCA) to help Risk Connect attendees understand how RCA can be used in risk management. RCA represents a structured approach to problem-solving that is intended to identify the basis (or root cause) of an event. Root cause analysis has broad applicability and may form the basis of continuous quality improvement efforts within your organization.


Insurance Beyond the Basics 

With Colleen Lazanich, CEO, CalNonprofits Insurance Services

Join a veteran insurance professional who specializes in nonprofits for a high-speed tour of insurance coverage beyond the basics. Enjoy a discussion of coverage terms, practical insights on what to look for and how to read a policy, and guidance on why certain types of insurance (nonstandard forms) can be difficult to compare. This is a must-attend session for any nonprofit leaders tasked with selecting and managing coverage for their organizations.